International Network of Civil Liberties Organizations

The HRLN is a collective of lawyers and social activists dedicated to the use of the legal system to advance human rights, struggle against violations, and ensure access to justice for all in India. From 1989, HRLN has grown from a fledgling law firm to an organisation with legal aid centres in several parts of India.

Today, the HRLN has evolved into a nationwide network of more than 200 lawyers, paralegals, and social activists spread across 26 states/union territories working on access to justice for marginalised individuals and communities. In collaboration with effective communities, NGOs and the judiciary HRLN provides pro-bono legal services to those with little or no access to the justice system, conducts litigation in the public interest, engages in advocacy, runs help-lines, conducts legal awareness programs, sensitizes the judiciary, investigates violations and deploys crisis-intervention teams, plans People’s Tribunals, publishes 'know your rights' materials, participates in campaigns, and proposes solutions to some of India’s foremost social problems.