International Network of Civil Liberties Organizations

we are

We are a network of 15 independent, national human rights organizations from different countries in the North and South that work together to promote fundamental rights and freedoms. We support and mutually reinforce the work of member organizations in their respective countries and collaborate on a bilateral and multilateral basis. We are stronger together, able to help deliver lasting victories, amplify each other’s success and share knowledge, skills, and resources. We are keen on creating synergy with our national efforts on the international stage to the benefit of human rights work that it’s being conducted at both levels.

We have decades of experience winning meaningful social change across the globe. We know the legal, political, and cultural landscapes of our fifteen home countries like no other organization or coalition. We empower people to own their futures and build the tomorrow we need for everyone to live safely and freely as they are.

INCLO is bringing new perspectives and strategies to movements that need new thinking to conquer dangerous and divisive politics emerging around the world.

INCLO organizations are independent of their respective governments, making them uniquely able to champion progress, equality, and justice in courtrooms, in voting booths, in communities, and in emerging civic spaces.

INCLO is working to advance four key principles around the world: protest rights, privacy, religious freedom and equal treatment, and the protection of civic space.

we do

INCLO members have identified four programmatic areas of work, which they considered well-suited for meaningful co-operation and international campaigns. These issues are: